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Rinkal Talsania

Playful, hiding, open et close, cranky et cute truly defines the bay of my life. Cooking food is normal but cooking my mind and intelligence is what I do the most to overcome my hunger. My daily routine is to get up, be brilliant, eat, go back to bed and repeat. I am not funny, I am just mean and people think I am jealous. I am like a chocolate truffle beautiful and attractive for men while brawny and brainy for women. I frequently find myself thinking about whether I am an artist or an entrepreneur. I am single but can give birth to new ideas every day. I want to drink juice with the fork! This is just to tell you that I pull beyond my wacky standards. I know the exact location of all the stuff in the supermarket because I have invested my love in observation and non-fiction. I hope this serves you as a puch of fruits not only in the bowl but even in bottle, glass, saucer, cup and all that the punch can fit into.