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Trilokchand Modi
With over 12+ years of experience in working on Technology – Project Implementation – Product UX and Design – Online Solutions – Search Optimization and Digital Growth Strategies in various verticals like Banking and Finance, Education. Technology leader with a track record of delivering business impact and driving technical innovation. Trilok has an eye for detail and has always provided fair and transparent leadership. A consummate professional who strives to meet the client’s expectations to the fullest, while also being an imaginative and highly creative developer.   Brings analytical, focused, and forward-thinking for products and technology solutions to a whole new level. He sees new uses and potential user concerns way before any solution architect. Truly a leader worth his salt.   Trilok is a talented and highly valued leader within the group. He has proven himself as a seasoned engineering leader and builder, having led some of most challenging platform product areas. Passionate about helping individuals, teams.