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  • We request you to be as detailed as possible while you contact us with your writing needs.
  • Let us know the writing service you’d wish to opt, the number of pages/articles required, your preferred word count (if any), and therefore the scope of the project along with your preferred timeframe to complete the project.
  • Once we receive these details from you, we’ll write back to you promptly. Email us at [email protected]
  • Your satisfaction is our goal. We are happy to start working with you on a little portion of your project.
  • If you’re satisfied with the standard of the service delivered, we welcome you to outsource the whole project to us.
  • This depends on whether it’s minor revision or major revision (you provide me some information initially, then you opt to vary it). If I completely got to rewrite the document because things have changed on your side then yes, I will be able to invoice for it. If there are just a few minor changes here and there which will be completed in a few minutes, I don’t charge extra. I also don’t charge extra if the revision must be done thanks to my oversight or misunderstanding.
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