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Business Proposal Writing

A Collateral serves the important role of complimenting sales & marketing efforts, but it’s quite that. It’s a visible representation of your business that always establishes the primary impression an opportunity has of you. Thus, every piece carries immeasurable importance. Marketing collateral must represent the brand, align it together with your business practices, and speak to the audience.

The Big Pitch

To ensure success, collateral must use concise statements that clearly convey benefits & meaning to the audience. Regardless of the medium, you simply have a couple of brief moments to urge your point across. In a world that’s constantly moving, your prospects will move on if you don’t grab their attention quickly.

Our team understands and applies truth fundamentals of selling to each piece we produce. We effectively combine aesthetic appeal with tangible messaging to make an impact. Using this blend of strategy, copywriting, and graphic design, we produce results that exceed expectations.

Effectively communicating the details of your products and services–as well as their benefits–is key to your success. While consumers have come to rely on web-based delivery of marketing, promotional, and informational content associated with companies, products, and services, there is still a legitimate need for printable, paper-based marketing collateral.

Consumers frequently expect appealing, informative, and professionally produced documents (especially in face-to-face interactions), so don’t ruin expectations–and potentially tarnish your brand–by strictly relying on online content. Instead, engage us to create your sales and marketing collateral. Our writers and designers can produce high-quality:

  • Brochures
  • Sell Sheets / Data Sheets
  • Presentation Folders
  • Presentations (PowerPoint and Prezi)
  • Menus
  • Order forms and more


Our custom marketing collateral package gives you the flexibility to choose which pieces you would like to receive first. However, by selecting our Standard Package – our team provides you with a suggested delivery progression format to realize the simplest results.

Brochure – Sell Sheet – Case Study – Social Covers – Video – Sell Sheet – Infographic – Sell Sheet – Case Study – Sell Sheet

We always recommend our standard delivery process based on our best practices and marketing expertise. However, if you are already utilizing collateral, the delivery timeline can be adjusted to suit your needs. During your implementation month with us, you’ll work together with your team. They will help you choose the order in which you’d like your marketing collateral to be created and delivered.

When you prefer to partner with us, you’ll be working directly with the team. They will help you strategize what marketing collateral pieces make the most sense for your business and how you would like your delivery schedule to be set up. They will work with you one-on-one during your implementation month and provide an online survey to collect information on which services you feel are most important for production. They will also work to identify which design theme you believe is best suited for your branding.

To ensure we are working to fit your current branding, our team has created collateral themes to choose from to suit your branding. Our themes will be in line with your brand colors, logos, fonts, and other visual components. With a variety of options, you’ll be able to choose the best layout for your marketing collateral.

Your marketing collateral project manager will work with you for the primary 30 days to collaborate on your collateral delivery schedule and therefore the topics you’d wish to see showcased. Our copywriters will then generate the content for the collateral piece. The content team hands it off to the graphic designer who will create the collateral piece utilizing your brand guidelines. Once the collateral is written and designed, you will be able to wrap up the piece by providing revisions to fine-tune it to perfection.

Each piece of collateral features a specific point value, and delivery schedule since the work that goes into creating them may be a little different.

Collateral pieces just like the Brochure, Sell Sheet, and Case Study are one point each, which suggests you’ll receive that completed collateral piece within one month.

We offer two complimentary rounds of revisions for each piece of marketing collateral we create this way you can fine-tune the collateral to your liking. Whether you want to reword a paragraph or change a photo, our content and creative teams work to create the perfect marketing collateral for your business.