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Website & App Localization Services

Reading an internet page written in Arabic, but left-aligned can become really painful for an Arabic speaking person. A Japanese person may doubt the seriousness about the business of a company if he sees their website carrying bright colors, but on the other hand, for the same reason, an American may feel enthusiastic to work with such a company!

Localization, quite just translating the content, involves transforming a product, product information, commercial e-literature, etc. to suit a particular culture. This connects an organization with the local end-user. Similarly, Internationalising products, services, websites, and other text, that is, offering it in multilingual form widens its reach onto the international market.

Identifying this key role of trans-lingual communication in today’s business, we give special attention to the localization and internationalization services. The local language becomes the vector of data to a specific region.

Our Holistic Process Of Localisation And/or Internationalisation Involves:

Content Transformation

Complete, accurate, and appropriate content translation or Trans-creation (complete adaptation or re-writing the content within the target language) where necessary. The content is created considering local or global SEO requirements.

Multi-lingual And Multi-cultural Options

Some customers may require language combination options. For example, in case of specific webpages created for experts, the content may be required in one language and the currency, payment options, information about local services, etc. in another.

Design And Layout

The design, colors, and other appearance-related aspects are re-worked upon to suit the local/global requirements.

Mage Forms

Pictures, symbols, illustrations, etc. are revised to suit the target culture.

Technical Services

All the technical and software related part in localization and internationalization is handled by our trusted partner.

Further Language Assistance

We are aware that once a localized product is launched, our customers also need assistance in order to take care of their aftersales procedures, e.g. international shipping, local customer communication, and service, etc. We ensure complete language assistance in these areas as per customer requirements.

Data Confidentiality

Complete assurance of knowledge security throughout the project process also as after completion.


Translating refers to converting content from language to focus on language. Translators make sure that the content is translated without a change within the meaning. Click to know more about translation services. You can use translation in rewriting user manuals, medical documents, journals and more. In translation, you simply convert from one language to a different without considering culture and region. Translation works where different countries use an equivalent official language. Localization may be a step further, unlike the interpretation it’s more about rewriting and is more specific to the local market. It is important to possess an honest team of translators to figure on localization. Localization is quite rewriting, must adapt to the local audiences. Generally used for Websites, mobile apps, video games, and other multimedia. Localization takes for details on culture and is region-specific, importance should be given to colors, layout, currencies, etiquettes, attire, etc

Localization is vital here as different countries follow different cultures and traditions.

Our translations are undertaken by experienced native language translators, with specialized knowledge in the required field. Therefore the interpretation quality is usually the simplest, and therefore the translation never reads sort of a translation, but an original!

As of now, there’s no Government Authorised Translation agency in India. However, being a pioneer in this field is working for the last 40 years and therefore our translations are accepted in almost all Government offices, Embassies, and Consulates. Our translations have also been accepted for positive identification applications within the US. We provide certified translation on our Letter Head, with our Certification, Stamp, and Signature.

It should be noted that unlike other countries, in India, there’s no centrosome or Authority for licensing, authorization, or certification of translation agencies. Therefore there’s no Government-authorized translation agency in India. However, due to our long-standing experience, Certified translations are usually accepted in all Embassies and Government offices globally. Before going ahead with any certified translation, one should make sure the sort of legalization required for the translated documents before authorizing the work because the level of legalization varies like the character of the document, the aim that it’s being translated and legalized and where it’s getting to be submitted. It always is sensible to see with the concerned authorities whether translation provided by us shall be accepted.

The translation is delivered in Soft copy/Hard copy. It can be sent by email/courier as per the client’s requirement. Courier Charges are applied separately.

All possible care is taken to maintain the confidentiality of the client’s document.